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  1. Do I have to go through job interviews?

  2. How do employers reach me?

  3. How do I close my employer account?

  4. How do I close my software developer account?

  5. How do I find candidates in my geographical area?

  6. How do I know candidates are qualified?

  7. How do I know that a given candidate profiles is honest?

  8. How do I search for candidates?

  9. How do you put me in touch with company insiders?

  10. How do you rank search results?

  11. How do you recommend candidates who match my needs?

  12. How does FiveYearItch help me get great engineers?

  13. How does the "We're Hiring" panel increase conversions for my careers page?

  14. How does the employee ambassador service work?

  15. How is FiveYearItch not a job board?

  16. I didn't get my verification message. Where is it?

  17. I didn't get my verification message. Where is it?

  18. I didn't get my verification message. Where is it?

  19. I HATE recruiter spam!!!

  20. I registered, but I'm not getting enough offers. What's happening?

  21. I want to switch into a hot new technology. How do I do that on

  22. I'm currently between jobs. Should I use FiveYearitch?

  23. I'm swamped with job offers. They are good offers, but I need to dial it back. How do I do that?

  24. Wasn't there a movie...?

  25. What countries do you support?

  26. What countries do you support?

  27. What do I need to do to register?

  28. What do the expertise levels mean (Learner, Professional, Expert)?

  29. What do the skill levels mean? (Expert, Professional, Learner)?

  30. What does it cost for software engineers?

  31. What does it cost?

  32. What does it cost?

  33. What emails will I get?

  34. What emails will I get?

  35. What if my boss finds out?

  36. What's the best way to get a positive response to the invitation from a candidate?

  37. What's the workflow for contacting developers who are members of FiveYearItch?

  38. Why can't I see the candidates' resumé or Linkedin profile?

  39. Why don't you need my resumé?

  40. Why FIVE years?

  41. Why not just use LinkedIn?

  42. Why use

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