How does the employee ambassador service work?

  1. You invite some of your developers to be ambassadors, and they sign up at FiveYearItch. (It's a quick process, usually under three minutes.)
  2. Your ambassadors are highlighted in each job postings at FiveYearItch and in the “We're Hiring” panel in your Careers page.
  3. Candidates click on an ambassador profile to send a question.
  4. Professional experts at FiveYearItch screen the messages, based on analysis of the candidate's online presence and an understanding of your job opening, saving you costly sourcing steps.
  5. You or your HR representatives then also give your approval. (You see the candidate's online professional profiles such as LinkedIn to help you do that).
  6. You choose an ambassador to forward the message to.The ambassadors get the message in convenient batches, Tuesday and Friday mornings.
  7. The ambassadors then reply, and optionally follow up by email, phone, or in person.If it goes well, they can refer the candidate for interviews and salary discussions.

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