Why use FiveYearItch.com?

  1. Your tech skills will atrophy if you just keep sliding on in your dull but safe job. Where will you be when you're 55? 
  2. If you'd rather focus on your job, not on polishing your resumé or LinkedIn profile, FiveYearItch makes it easy to sign up.
  3. FiveYearItch lets you stay anonymous. Got an invitation to apply to a great job? Respond to it if you want. 
  4. FiveYearItch lets you talk to insiders at a company. Hear it like it is from other software developers!
  5. Browse specialized job boards with escape-worthy jobs: Deep open-source work, Google Glass, startups, whatever turns you on enough to make you want to leave.
  6. Dreaming of switching to a new technology? Looking for a 4-day-work week? Whatever your personal dream job is, write down your requirements and get only the job offers that can provide what you need.
  7. State your minimum salary: You don't waste your time on employers who can't afford you.  

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